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Here at Priority Freight, our time critical logistics specialists understand the need for urgent, well-organised and logical shipping services. That’s why we manage all aspects of cargo shipping for all modes of transport. From air freight and air charter to on board courier services and point-to-point road haulage, we provide fast, efficient freight forwarding designed to meet your most critical deadlines.

As industry experts, we operate on an international scale, providing reliable, prompt and competitively priced shipping services worldwide. Our team is professionally trained in freight forwarding and will handle all transport and logistics from start to finish, including mapping out the best route and selecting the best shipping methods. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do, and all cargo shipping strategies can be tailored to your specific needs.

Time-sensitive logistics services

When it comes to haulage companies, it’s important to work with shipping experts that respond to enquiries quickly and get the job done professionally. There’s no time to wait and with production lines depending on supplies, businesses and livelihoods are at stake.  At Priority Freight, our network of strategically placed global partners provides us with the ability to respond to customer enquiries typically within just fifteen minutes. This means there’s no hanging around. Once the ball is rolling, we’ll ensure your freight can be delivered in the most efficient and time-sensitive way. When you’re against the clock, we’re there for you

Benefits of choosing Fast Courier

As freight forwarding leaders, we provide:

  • A versatile network of specialist haulage vehicles
  • Fast and efficient door-to-door shipping services
  • Road and air freight forwarding services including air courier services for deliveries that require constant supervision
  • Reliable and secure point-to-point cargo shipping
  • Cost-effective multimodal solutions
  • Full transparency and control with Track and Trace
  • Multilingual logistic specialists to arrange transport logistics UK, Europe and worldwide.
Ocean Freight

We offer time-definite, innovative freight solutions for both Full Container Loads (FCL) and Less Than Container Loads (LCL) shipments.

Air Freight

All shipments are handled through our network of strategic partners to provide international coverage for regular and priority shipments.

Land Freight

Crucial to meeting the needs of our clients, are our strong ties and partnerships with transportation companies, delivering freight across the EU, US, Asia Regions.


We offers a full custom clearance and transport solution including import, export and re-export clearances for all sea, air and land shipments.


We offers a full custom clearance and transport solution including import, export and re-export clearances for all sea, air and land shipments.


From simple cross docking or storage to complex ecommerce fulfillment and distribution, trust AB Capital Logistics to provide handling solutions that meet your needs.

Additional logistics services

Fulfilling a time-sensitive delivery is about more than just finding the right transport. Door-to-door services often require a complex logistical process to be handled, involving everything from collection, specialised loading equipment and airport arrangements to flight permissions, goods screening and booking in for delivery.

Here at Fast Courier, we’re committed to managing every aspect of your transportation, offering flexible solutions that are tailored to your exact requirements. Whatever the geography, size, weight, deadline, or mode of transport, you can choose our service with the confidence that we can deliver.

Our goal is to offer our customers Smart and Optimal solutions to their Logistical Challenges and Export Management Services for commercial, industrial and project shipments with highest level of commitment and dedication which will ensure total customer satisfaction.  

Manage by FLS Certified Freight Forwarders, with skilled and professional staffs; we have become the most preferred Freight Forwarding and export management Company by most Americansforeign investorsInternational organizationsNGO’s, Importers & Exporters both at home and abroad as well as the driving force behind most projects around. 

We are committed in providing comprehensive clearing and forwarding services at the NY and Texas seaport and airports, and all the inland ports.


We offer time-definite, innovative freight solutions for both Full Container Loads (FCL) and Less Than Container Loads (LCL) shipments.

Going above and beyond logistics solutions

In addition to providing reliable global shipping services, we’ll also take care of the finer details, arranging for any necessary documentation and permits to be supplied, as well as obtaining customs clearance, providing comprehensive tracking, and offering 24/7 warehousing if required.

Our service not only provides complete control throughout every stage of the shipment, it also delivers the utmost security and transparency thanks to our specially developed transportation management system, so you always know what’s going on. Where customs clearance is required, we’ll validate your information and paperwork for every consignment, ensuring there are no avoidable delays. After a thorough, methodical check, we’ll submit your information to the appropriate customs authority.

Meanwhile, our Coventry warehouse offers a contingency or long-term storage solution for your shipment and operates 24/7, enabling you to move your products whenever you need. From pick and pack and sub-assembly to UK distribution and reverse logistics, we’ll make the management of your consignments smooth and efficient.

Additional services at a glance

Take advantage of the following additional services that we offer for a complete and hassle-free experience, door to door.

  • Collection/delivery at specified times
  • Specialised loading equipment
  • Airport arrangements
  • Flight permissions
  • Screening of goods
  • Customs clearance
  • Airport handling
  • Security processes
  • Documentation and permit management
  • Door-to-door services
  • Warehousing

If it’s a comprehensive and reliable door-to-door shipping service you’re in need of, get in touch with our team today.

Fast courier delivers urgent medical supplies amid worldwide pandemic

The six most hard-hit nations – China, Korea, Italy, Japan, US and Germany – account for 60% of the world’s manufacturing and half of the world’s manufactured exports. As the virus originated from China, and they reacted so quickly, with no air traffic to or from the country, it became near impossible to source the necessary components to continue manufacturing processes around the world.

The supply disruptions hindering production had a substantial knock-on effect, significantly slowing world trade. Already we have seen the number of exports fall in the most severely hit nations as well as the number of imports fall in their trade partners.

The automotive sector has been particularly disrupted by breaks in the international supply chain, causing OEMs and suppliers from all nations to pause production and introduce temporary layoff measures for its staff (e.g. furlough and ‘Force Majeure’). For example, a shortage of parts coming from China forced Korean carmaker, Hyundai, to shut all its car plants in Korea in February. While others avoided closure for as long as they could, by flying emergency supplies from China in suitcases, but inevitably closed their plants in March.

In response to the Government’s call for help, many manufacturers changed production lines to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) – such as masks, shields, gowns, gloves, hand sanitisers – and medical equipment, making the CAD files open source to share with other firms so they may also manufacture them.

The critical global health crisis has brought about the biggest logistics challenges that Priority Freight has ever seen. During the pandemic, Priority Freight has not only supported automotive clients but also governments, local authorities and medical companies to ensure their goods arrive as quickly as possible, including delivering PPE into France, Germany, Sweden and the UK. It has been particularly challenging to not only source the scarce uplift from China but also to deal with severe customs delays, with some queues of nearly two days long caused by the necessary changes to customs procedures.

For example, the Chinese Customs put in place very strict regulations for all masks (surgical and protective) to trace the origin and licenses of all products exported by traders and producers. They have been checking the origin, license and certifications, and labelling are all correct and in accordance with regulations and carrying out detailed inspections of the content of every box to check the material inside matches with the documents.

In addition to these challenging delays, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) restricted international flights to one per week, making the task of sourcing uplift from China itself to be even more difficult. The market has become very competitive in terms of availability and causing daily fluctuations in pricing.

To compensate, many airlines have been increasing capacity by utilising cargo-only passenger flights and removing seats to make additional space. Qatar Airways even, on 23rd April 2020, set a new aviation record with 136 freighter flights on the same day.

With most shipments comprising of urgently required PPE masks – manufactured in Singapore, Japan and China, and urgently required in Europe and the UK, and despite limited uplift opportunities, Priority Freight has delivered some larger, more heavy loads, including one shipment of five million masks weighing a total of 32 tonnes.

Regardless of the complications, Priority Freight has supported a large number of OEMs and tier suppliers to move in excess of 100 shipments of PPE and medical equipment.

Fast Courier overcomes border delays with multimodal solution to avoid production line stop

It is a common scenario that parts are manufactured in one location before being transported across countries or continents to reach the assembly line where they become part of an end product. In the automotive industry, this process relies on accurate and timely sequencing, without which this fragile chain can easily break creating financial and reputational harm.

One recent example of this was a volume vehicle manufacturer who makes parts at its Serbian factory for distribution to its network of production plants, including one in East London, South Africa. This regular shipment usually involves road transport from the Serbian factory to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport where the goods are then flown to O.R. Tambo International Airport. However, issues at the Serbian-Hungarian border meant the goods would be delayed and potentially halt South African production.

Priority Freight received a call from the manufacturer on a Thursday evening, stressing the urgency of the shipment and need to avoid manufacturing delays and associated costs to the business. Priority Freight immediately formed a response team to devise suitable alternative shipping methods and arrange delivery of the 890kg of parts to the South African factory before Monday morning.

Overnight on Thursday, Priority Freight’s experts liaised with colleagues, ground agents and carriers worldwide to have the shipment back on track and by Friday morning a truck was waiting to collect the parts from the Serbian factory. Rather than exit Serbia by road and face border delays, the goods were taken to Belgrade airport where they were loaded onto a waiting ATR charter aircraft and flown to Oostende in Belgium. From there the parts were transferred to another truck which drove to Amsterdam Schiphol airport to meet a long-haul commercial cargo flight bound for Johannesburg.

After a flight time of 11 hours the cargo flight landed at O.R. Tambo International Airport on Saturday evening, less than 48 hours after the parts were collected from Serbia. A twin-prop Metro plane then completed the final 600 miles from Johannesburg to East London arriving at 03:30 local time on Sunday morning, in plenty of time to be unloaded and in place for the factory to recommence production the following day.

Fast Courier provides 24/7 technical assistance for European-based automotive manufacturer to continue production

For production to continue, the manufacturer required daily collection of parts, from up to 30 UK and EU suppliers. Due to the ever-changing schedules, there was limited knowledge of parts quantities, packaging dimensions and some supplier locations, making this challenge seem impossible.

COVID-19 closures had altered the operating hours for many suppliers which limited collection times. Plus, new air freight plans were issued daily, requiring a rapid and accurate turnaround of customs paperwork, export declarations and clearance.

As soon as the manufacturer requested assistance, Priority Freight assigned a team of experienced planners from within various areas of the business to oversee the project.

The logistics solution included 40 special rush shipments per day by road and, to help speed up the supply chain, required multiple air charters to match changing consignment sizes and weight.

Over the course of the project, more than 100 aircraft were chartered, ranging from multiple Antonov-12s, Boeing 737 freighters, the new-to-the-market A321 freighter and the fast-loading Ilyushin 76.

The expert team worked 24/7 over two weeks to:

  • Oversee the door-to-door transport of 250m3 or 50,000kg of air freight per day
  • Negotiate special operating hours at airports that would ensure the deliveries arrived on time (most airports operated limited opening hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Liaise with handling agents to plan vehicle offloading, aircraft pallet building and aircraft loading distribution
  • Help ensure permits were granted by the relevant Civil Aviation Authorities due to new Brexit aviation rules between the UK and EU

With around-the-clock responses and time-critical logistics expertise, Priority Freight delivered all shipments in time and helped the automotive manufacturer avoid downtime that would have cost €150m per week in lost revenue.

Providing Smart & Optimal Solutions To All Supply Chain Challanges

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